Exploring Robotics is a brand of Interactive Media Publishing.  Interactive Media Publishing is a small business with over 10 years of experience in developing online and interactive educational content paired with robots and technical kits.  We are a distributor for several brands of robots. We search for robots that work well in the classroom and hold up to the rigor of use in multiple sessions over several years.


Our mission (and passion) is to develop world-class STEM learning- technology paired with curricula - that serves the needs of a wide range of schools and students. We provide schools with turn-key products: self-paced, online lessons with videos and hands-on activities using robots and educational kits that can be implemented easily in the K-12 classroom or as part of an after school, Maker Space, or distance learning program. We offer teachers not only the robots but also the batteries, chargers, storage boxes, professional development, support, great curricula, and everything needed to be successful from day one in the classroom.  We provide on-going support, request feedback, listen to teachers, and respond to their needs.  Our formula for success is:


Student Success = The Best Robots and Kits + Great Curricula + PD + Support for teachers


We provide schools with pathways that lead to successful career and job opportunities for students. Our pathways begin in elementary school and continue through middle school and into high school. Engineering and coding skills are introduced and then reinforced and enhanced with each course. By the time students graduate they have mastered not only robotics but also coding languages and the technical and engineering skills which lead to good paying jobs or entry into University courses. Our Internet of Things and Mobile Robots Pathway teaches the microcontrollers and languages needed for these exciting new career opportunities.


Exploring Robotics is helping all teachers teach technical topics.  Many schools cannot attract teachers with prior experience in engineering and coding. We believe that any enthusiastic teacher (Elementary, Middle School, Science, Math, or Technology teacher), Librarian or Media Specialist can teach these topics, if given the proper support and resources.  We know that there are many talented, intelligent students who, if given the opportunity and exposure, can master STEM topics and prepare for engineering and technician careers. That's why we continue to invest heavily in the development of STEM and STEAM curricula (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) that provides the knowledge and skills needed for the 21st Century. 


We are located in Phoenix, Oregon USA - close to Medford.  Mailing Address:  Interative Media Publishing, 111 E 1st St, Box 1407, Phoenix OR 97535



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