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This is the Curriculum website for the Robot Shield with Arduino.  This is a self-paced course for Introduction to Digital Electronics, Mechatronics, and Engineering.  You will be building a robot and there are optional competitions!  You will also build circuits on the solderless breadboard and use C programming language to control the robot with an Arduino Uno board.

You will learn electronics concepts with the LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic parts which come with the robot kit. The robot is assembled from rugged parts and follows lines, navigates mazes, follows people or other robots, has whiskers to detect objects, detects light, flashes lights, plays tunes, and much more.  

Uses:Classrooms, Labs, Project-based, Independent Study, Teams, Distance Learning, Flipped and Hybrid Classes

Ages: 15 and up (Grades 9 to 12)

Level: Intermediate (Prior coding background is helpful).

Language: English and Arduino C++ Programming

The Exploring Robotics Introduction to Electronics with BOE Shield-Bot provides an excellent opportunity to learn and apply a variety of STEM skills which include engineering, electronics, math, physics, C programming, and computer technology.   It is also great as a hands-on lab to accompany an introductory robotics, digital electronics, or C programming course.

Besides being fun to operate, the BOE Shield-Bot is also an excellent tool for learning the fundamentals of electronics, an essential skill for engineers and makers. It is a rugged mobile robot with a solderless breadboard. This means electronic circuits can be built, tested and debugged without any soldering, making it easy to reuse the parts to build more circuits. 

The Exploring Robotics Robot Shield curriculum includes a menu with links to more than 40 hours of activities.  Each activity has objectives, worksheets, videos, e-books, and additional resource links. There are also lots of competitions for showing off robot skills.

By completing the BOE Shield-Bot Activities in the chapters, you will:

  1. Assemble a personal robot from parts provided in the kit
  2. Mount electronic components and wire a circuit board to communicate with a microcontroller chip.
  3. Program in Arduino C Language to control the robot
  4. Write programs to communicate with lights and sounds
  5. Write programs to receive input from sensors to determine environmental conditions
  6. Write programs to control the behavior of the robot based on sensor inputs
  7. Write programs to create autonomous movement - follow a line and/or go through a maze without human control
  8. (Optionally) Participate in competitions with your robot

Background knowledge: It is helpful to have some prior exposure to PC computer applications, electronics, and C programming - or use other sources to gain that knowledge.  It is also helpful to have knowledge of Algebra. However, lack of this knowledge will not prevent you from building and programming the robot, but rather may interfere with full understanding of the processes involved. 

Login Access: This site is restricted. Please use the Login and Password provided by your instructor.  Instructors use the accesss code provided when you purchased the curriculum to create accounts for yourself and students.

For more information or to purchase the robots and curriculum, or to purchase spare parts go to ExploringRobots.com


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