Exploring Robotics with Dash and Dot

Introduce Coding and STEAM Concepts

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Prepare for some fun in your class with Dash and Dot robots!

For Grades: K-5.

This site is for teachers or media specialists to use with Dash and Dot robots. Students learn through play, and Dash and Dot keep them engaged and learning STEM concepts.

Lessons are provided for use with the Apps and also to participate in the Hour of Code and teach coding (programming) concepts. Coding prepares students for logical thinking needed for math and science.Your students will amaze you with all the extra work they will do with these activities – just so they can “play” with the robots.

This website provides 25 lessons with more than 45 hours of activities with handouts and web links to further enhance instruction. Use this to plan instruction using Dash and Dot robots.

You will find lots of engaging methods to reinforce Math, Science, History, ELA, and ISTE standards.

A temporary login is provided when you purchase the curriculum or PD. To purchase the robots, curriculum, and professional development, please visit our website:  ExploringRobotics.com


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