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Section 1 – Getting to Know Dash and Dot - Use Apps for Control

  • Introduction to Robotics with Dash & Dot - 2 hours+ (4 Activities)
    What is a robot? How do we control Dash? Introduce Dash with Go App and Path App. Make a grid on the floor and use math to determine distances moved. Activities:

(1) Use Go App and Name Robots
(2) Use Go App to Control Dash
(3) Use Path App – Grid on floor and measurements of how dash moves
(4) Use Path App – Open ended exploration using Race Track and other adventures

  • Wondering with Dash -  2 hours+ (3 Activities)
    Students use the Wonder App and learn to control Dash. Students learn about events, sequence, and what they can control with Dash. This is a pre-curser to learning programming. Activities:

(1) Wonder App Controller
(2) Scroll Quest Adventures
(3) Wonder App Free Play

(1) Setup the Xylophone accessory and play pre-recorded songs
(2) Create and play Happy Birthday Song (optional - have a party for Dot)
(3) Create and play Erie Canal Song

  • Dash’s Adventures in History - 2 hrs+ (4 Activities)
    Dash time travels back in History to explore a topic. Integrates with social studies lesson for Erie Canal. But can also work for Lewis & Clark, Columbus, etc. Students write a story, use a map, and develop a presentation about Dash’s adventure.

(1) Conduct Research and Learn about Erie Canal (or provide information to read)
(2) Use a Map and recreate key points on grid, use Path App to travel
(3) Create a multimedia presentation about Erie Canal
(4) Share presentation with class (or parents)

  • Dash Explores Newton’s Laws -  2 hrs (4 Activities)
    Use the launch accessory, the bulldozer accessory, and the Wonder App to explore Newton’s 3 laws of physics with Dash.

(1) Newton’s First Law – Objects at rest, objects in motion
(2) Newton’s Second Law – Force causes objects to travel faster
(3) Newton’s Third Law – Every action has equal and opposite reaction
(4) Pushes and Pulls – how does direction affect the motion?











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