Exploring Robotics with Ozobot
Introduce Coding and STEAM Concepts
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Teach coding with the world's smallest programmable robot. This website is for teachers or media specialists to use with Ozobot robots.

Grades: 3-7

Ozobots love colors and patterns and can be programmed to follow lines, flash colors, and dance. This Curriculum makes it easy to:
  • Use plain white paper, markers and add creativity. Draw lines and add color codes then watch Ozobot read & react to your commands!
  • Challenge students with math, statistics, and competitive games, or choreograph custom dances with OzoGroove!
  • Use coding to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, algorithms, and more!
  • Use tablets or smart phone Apps with touch and graphic interfaces to control the robots.
  • Adapt lessons to different age groups, and expand lessons for teaching additional STEAM concepts.
  • Teach Blockly Coding concepts that apply to all programming languages, starting with simple commands and gradually progressing to more complex ones.

A temporary login is provided when you purchase the curriculum or PD. To purchase the robots, curriculum, and professional development, please visit our website:  ExploringRobotics.com


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