Exploring Robotics with GrovePi
Inventing with Electronics, Raspberry Pi, and Scratch Coding

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Why learn GrovePi? This is a great course to create an invention with the GrovePi Kit (and the Raspberry Pi). After learning how to control the electronic devices and sensors in the kit, (and Scratch coding), you can apply your knowledge to building many smart devices to control all kinds of things.

Grades: 6 to 9 (classes, maker spaces, or clubs).

Time:  Fits a school term or semester. The 19 lessons are 1 to 4 hours each and include optional activities and additional exercises. So approx. 20 to 40 hrs are needed to complete the lessons.  An open ended design and invent project is included, and exercises can extend the time up to 80 hrs.  Tips are also provided for teachers on how to use the lessons in shorter class sessions, clubs, or maker spaces.

Level: Beginner. No prior programming or engineering experience is required. Students with prior Maker or coding experience will still be challenged and engaged.

How Does It Work? This is a video-based, hands-on, self-paced invention or engineering course. It introduces the Internet of Things, Inventing, Engineering Design, and using the Raspberry Pi, the electronic devices in the GrovePi kit, and Scratch programming. 

Students create two projects – one an independent Scratch program and the other an invention using the GrovePi Kit.  Some suggestions for projects include a weather station, security alarm, pet monitor, and a game device.  Also students can create devices to collect data for science experiments such as measuring how temperature and humidity affect plant growth, or how light levels affects plant growth.

The GrovePi kit requires no soldering and has plug-in ports for the devices which make it easy for students to design with it (and to reuse the kits over and over again).  The Scratch programming is a graphic drag and drop environment which is easy to use, but robust enough to include complex programming. 

This online curriculum includes lessons with videos, projects, step by step instructions, hands-on activities and worksheets meeting CSTA, NGSS, ITEA, CTE, Math, and ELA standards.  This is great for middle school or high school invention, physical science, engineering, technology, or coding courses. 


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