Lesson 1 Scribbler Lights Up

Why do robots have lights? What does it take to turn them on and off and show different colors? lesson pics html 39969c96The purpose of this lesson is to explore how to how to operate the LED lights on the Scribbler with code in BlocklyProp.  We will also learn about the science of power and light used in robots.

Time to Complete

  • 1 hour for Hands-on Activities
  • 2 hours for Optional Exercises

What We Will Learn

By the time you complete this lesson you should be able to:

  1. Create Blockly code to control the Scribbler robot
  2. Load and run a program on the Scribbler robot
  3. Program the 3 LED lights to turn on with different colors on the Scribbler robot
  4. Turn your Scribbler's lights on and off and make them flash
  5. Add notes to your code to describe what it is doing
  6. Explain the difference between incandescent and LED lights
  7. Explain the difference between DC power and AC power
  8. Describe wave properties of light and the electromagnetic spectrum


What You Need

  • Scribbler Robot with battery charged
  • USB cable to connect robot to computer 
  • Computer: PC or Mac to program the robot (with Internet connection)
  • BlocklyPropClient software installed on Computer


What to Do 

  • Open the Worksheet document.  The worksheet contains a checklist for you to check off items as you complete them, some questions to answer as you work through the activities, and optional Exercises.
  • Watch the concept videos, and review the other items in the Start section. They provide background information which helps connect this lesson to other STEAM topics that you may be studying, and will help you answer the STEAM questions in the worksheet.
  • Use the Activity videos, handouts, and resource links as you complete the hands-on activities. Follow along with the activity video and step by step instructions.
  • Give the filled-out worksheet to your teacher at the completion of this lesson.



Light and Power Concepts Video

7:23 min


WORKSHEET (Google Doc)

ElectroMagnetic Spectrum Video

2:56 min



Hands-on Activities

Activity  Introduction (2:47 min)


Activity Step by Step Instructions




Blockly Reference




Resource links

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