Exploring Robotics with Scribbler
An Introduction to Blockly Coding

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What does the Scribbler Robot do? This robot draws (pen inserts in center), dances, plays music, flashes lights, avoids objects, follows lines, and uses sensors. But it only does what the programmer tells it to do by writing code. This course teaches how to do that with a puzzle-like graphical programming language.

Why learn to code with the Scribbler Robot? The obvious answer is because it's fun. But more than that it provides a great way to apply the math and science learned in other classes to something real. When you learn to code with this robot, you will have coding skills that can be applied to many other devices and robots.

Grades: 5 to 7 (classes, maker spaces, or clubs)

Time: Fits a school term or semester Total time to complete is 16 to 32 hours. The 12 lessons are about 1 hour each and include hands-on activities and videos. Competitions and Enrichment Exercises are also included. Lesson plans and tips are also available for how to use the lessons in shorter class sessions, clubs, or maker spaces.

Level: Beginner No prior programming or engineering experience is required. Students with prior Maker or coding experience will still be challenged and engaged.

How does it work? This is a self-paced, hands-on, video based course. Lessons with the instructions for students are provided at this website. Videos and written step by step instructions are included. Worksheets are provided to check off progress and answer questions about the activities. Instructors may assign any part of the work to be completed.

Why can't I log in? Please use the Login and Password provided by your instructor. Instructors, the first time, use the access code (provided when you purchased the curriculum) to create an account. Use your account login and passwords from that point forward.  If you don't have the access code, contact us or purchase the curriculum at this website: ExploringRobotics.com 


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