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Section 2 – Ozobot App Activities

This section uses the Ozobot and OzoGroove Apps. Search for Ozobot in your tablet’s App Store.  The lessons progress from easy to more difficult. Lesson 5 is not required to complete the Dance Competition.

1: Fun with Ozobot App(60 min)

  • Lesson Plan (pdf)
  • Draw Activity (20 min)
  • Playgrounds Path Activity (20 min)
  • Luck Activity (20 min)
  • Video: How to Calibrate to Tablet
  • Video: OzoDraw Example
  • Video: OzoPlayground Example

2: How Does Ozobot Make Decisions? (60 min)

3: How Many Codes Can Ozobot Read? (60 min)

  • Lesson Plan (May adapt to Pen-Paper)

4:Coding Basics with OzoGroove (60 min)

  • Lesson Plan (pdf)

5: Coding and Geometry with OzoGroove (60 min)

  • Lesson Plan (pdf)

6: Dance Contest with OzoGroove (60 min)

  • Lesson Plan (pdf)

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