Scratch Lesson: Cute Creatures Converse

How do we display messages on the screen and show conversations with Scratch? In this lesson we continue to learn about the Scratch programming language and begin to create our own programs. We will create a Hello World program and a comic strip type conversation between two characters.

Time to complete:

  • 60 to 90 min (4 activities are 10 to 15 minutes each) 
  • Optional Exercises are additional 2 hrs

What We Will Learn

  1. Understand and use technology systems – Raspberry Pi and Scratch
  2. Open a Scratch program, modify it, run it, and save it.
  3. Create Scratch programs which display messages, move characters on the screen, and provide interaction between characters. 
  4. Implement problem solutions using a programming language by writing, troubleshooting, and analyzing Scratch programs.
  5. Collaborate with peers, experts, and others using collaborative practices such as pair programming, working in project teams, and participating in group active learning activities.
  6. Optional – complete exercises to further explore coding and apply coding concepts learned.

What You Need

  • Raspberry Pi and GrovePi assembled together with SD card (from Getting Started lesson)
  • RaspberryPi setup (from Getting Started lesson) and Scratch Programming Environment
  • Knowledge of Scratch programming (from prior lessons)
  • Headset or speakers plugged into Raspberry Pi
  • Personal USB thumb or flash drive to save programs


What to Do 

  • Open the Worksheet document.  The worksheet contains a checklist for you to check off items as you complete them, some questions to answer as you work through the activities, and optional Exercises.
  • Watch the concept video and review the vocabulary words.
  • Then view the following items and complete the assigned activities and optional exercises in the Worksheet.  Give the filled-out worksheet to your instructor at the completion of this lesson.




WORKSHEET (Google Doc)






Activities (11 min)

Video Script





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