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Maker Space Cubelet Challenges

Print these Cards to provide 15 Cubelet challenges for students. Place a set of cards with each Cubelet station. Each card has one challenge, and the challenges progress from easy to more difficult. Challenges 1-7 use cubes in the 6 kit, and Challenges 8-15 require additional cubes from the 20 kit. Each card shows the cubes needed to complete the challenge.

Print the worksheets for students to describe what they built in each challenge (helps meet ELA and Science standards).

Robot Challenge Cards (print double sided in color, then cut page in half – makes two sets of cards). Optionally: laminate the cards.

Making Things with Cubelets Worksheet Grades K-3

Making Things with Cubelets Worksheet Grades 4-6

Engineering Design Process Worksheet

Use the lessons below when you only have a couple of hours with students, and no more time for additional class sessions. For all other situations, use Sections 2 and 3.

Lesson Plans for Clubs and 1 Hour of Getting Started with Cubelets

Note: KT06 referenced in these documents is the box of 6 cubes, and KT01 is the box of 20 cubes.

Basic Robotics with Cubelets – What to do if you just have one hour

Document: 1 Hour Basic Robotics with Cubelets (PDF)

  • Part 1: Hands on with the Sense and Act components (15 min)
  • Part 2: More complicated robots (15 min)
  • Part 3: Robot Thinking (15 min)
  • Part 4: Special Challenges (15 min)

Additional 40 minutes of Activities for Clubs

Document: Basic Robotics with Cubelets part 2 (PDF)

  • Part 1: Hands on with the Think component of robots (20 min)
  • Part 2: An extended robotics challenge (20 min)



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