Exploring Robotics with Cubelets
Introduce Engineering and STEAM Concepts with Smart Blocks
3dbook cubelets

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This site is for teachers using Cubelets in their classroom or after school program.

Students are engaged with smart blocks that snap together to make robots that drive around on tables, respond to light and other objects, move, detect changes in temperature, make chirping sounds, and have surprising lifelike behavior.

For Grades: K-8.

Teachers and Media Specialists will find this helpful in planning how they will integrate Cubelets into their lessons and schedules. Each lesson includes variations for different age groups.

Those in maker spaces will find that students of all ages, even high school, will experiment with cubelets for hours.  To address this, we have included three sections of lessons - one for makerspaces, one for grades K-5, and a third for engineering for grades 4 and up. 

The STEM lessons introduce critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation concepts.

Teachers can also reinforce or introduce STEM concepts of light, magnetism, sound, temperature, movement, graphs, min, max, inverse, DC power, and binary logic (1,0) using cubes.

Open design challenges allow for teaching various types of engineering—civil, mechanical, electronics, robotics, etc. Also the lessons are modular and expandable to teach additional concepts.

This website includes teacher resources, a getting started guide, lessons, and access to professional development materials to help plan lessons and get comfortable with teaching Cubelets

A verification code is provided when you purchase Cubelets Curriculum or PD. This is used to create your own account. To purchase the robots, curriculum, and professional development, please go to our website: ExploringRobotics.com


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